Why should I join?

In the real world of family History, Genealogy, it doesn't quite happen as easily as the TV shows would have you believe. What really counts more than anything is experience. By joining a Family History Society you will be able to share the experience of fellow members, happy to help you smash through those walls which we all encounter from time to time. We can also offer you the following;

  • Our award-winning quarterly journal, The Banyan Tree, delivered to your door.
  • Free access to our Grade II listed Research Centre.
  • Regular meetings at Beverley, Bridlington, Hull and Scarborough (see Events Diary for full details).
  • Annual program of visits.
  • Post your research interests on our web site.
  • Free members' bulletin board.
  • Free publicity in The Banyan Tree (subject to editorial discretion).
  • Members-only online resources.
  • Free access to our numerous regional help-desks.
  • Regular members workshops in Bridlington, Hull and Scarborough.

... and the list goes on and on! The best bit is the price. A full year's UK membership is just £15.00, for up to two people living at the same address. That's less than 15p per person per week! How can we offer so much for so little? The simple answer is that no-one at EYFHS is paid. Every one of our team is a volunteer. Nobody 'owns' the Society, the committee is simply minding things for our members. We neither make, nor desire to make, any profit from our activities. Sound good?

Apply to join today - UK membership - Overseas membership